New Website!

I started this ‘blog’ a couple years ago because I wanted a repository for my tech based explorations and to keep a set of instructions and reminders handy so I could easily redo these things if needed. I thought that I may as well post the information online because its possible that if I needed to figure out how to do these things, there may be a handful of other people out there that need to as well and might find the information usable.

Things started off very modest as I started with a few post on Kodi and Plex which generated a few hundred webpage hits a year. I started to get interested in retro gaming and posted a few times on that and those articles seemed to be a modest hit. I’ve since added articles on TrueNAS and now starting on some smart home posts and the amount of interest in the site overall has been surprising with a projection of more than 125,000 views this year! I know that in the grand scheme of things this is pretty modest, but I’m surprised still surprised there a more than just few people interested in these posts.

So, as you can probably gather from the title of this post, I’ve bit the bullet and paid for a domain and web hosting for this content! I’ve never run a website before so, this will be a learning experience for me (and hey, I might even post on it later!) and so I appreciate your patience on this as I figure things out! I have migrated all the content to this new location, and have a ton of draft articles I need to finish up and post! There are 65 draft, unposted articles at the moment! This will be the last post here (, so be sure to head on over to the new site and check things out:

This will be a new experience with some website hosting related costs. So I have also signed up for patreon and buymeacoffee accounts in the outside chance that somebody feels like helping chip in on these costs to help keep things up and running. This of course is optional – the information I post will always be at no cost!

That’s it! I hope to see you over on the new site and that you find the articles and posts interesting and helpful!

~Raze (Mike)

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