HomeAssistant: Install Inovelli Z-Wave Devices

Home Assistant Install Inovelli ZWave

Home Assistant is a powerhouse when it comes to managing and automating your Z-Wave devices. I’ve recently picked up a couple of Inovelli Red Series Dimmer Switches and want to install and integrate them into my Home Assistant setup. These switches represent my first foray into Z-Wave and so far they are great and a big upgrade (for the same prices) as my Insteon switches. While I haven’t yet played with all the features, these switches offer colour coded light bars which can change colours with different events (e.g. turn red if you’ve left your garage door open), they offer activation of up to 10 scenes (with multi tap), they save their last state in the event of power loss and they also do energy monitoring! Also many of you might be interested to know that they don’t require a neutral wire. This article is going to be about integrating these Inovelli switches with your Home Assistant installation although much of the same process should also be applicable for other brands. And so, let get started!

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