Home Assistant: Amazon Alexa Integration with Emulated Hue

Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa Integration

Integrate Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa and your smart home setup can have the benefits of both. You can enjoy Alexa’s simple voice control with the power of Home Assistant. It also allows you to extend Alexa to many Home Assistant Devices even if they are not Alexa supported out of the box. This of course can be done at no cost (other than your time). Yup. Free. This uses the emulated hue integration within Home Assistant which provides a virtual Philips Hue bridge, allowing Alexa to interact with Home Assistant entities. This can also work with Google Home, but our focus in this article is Amazon Alexa. The virtual bridge can turn entities on/off or change the brightness of dimmable lights. The volume level of media players can be controlled as brightness. In deciding if Home Assistant would work for me, I needed to know if there would be some integration with the Alexa environment. I have a number of Alexa compatible devices and enjoy the convenience and this process has worked very well for me.

This is actually quite simple to setup, however when I was first trying to figure it out, there were a couple small things that I got snagged on. There other options to setup the Alexa / Home Assistant but one is complicated (Alexa integrated skill) and the other requires a monthly subscription (Home Assistant Cloud). Both are options, if you’d like, however I’ve found the emulated Hue approach to work very well.

This article is part of my Home Automation series and you can check out other Home Automation articles on this site which may also be interesting or helpful.

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5 thoughts on “Home Assistant: Amazon Alexa Integration with Emulated Hue

  1. Yet another amazing tutorial! Thank you! I just bought my family an Echo and Echo Dot for Christmas and have read that there was a way to enable Alexa with HA but each source said it was too complicated. Thank you for finding the “easy” way and for sharing! Now to go read up on your home automation tutorials…


    1. P.S. I’d love to read how you installed and setup Home Assistant. I’m not liking the Core version that is offered as a plugin in TrueNAS.


      1. I have it running on an raspberry pi 3. Install is pretty simple and very stable. I haven’t tried it on anything else, freenas or otherwise. I havent decided where I want it to live permanently, maybe keep on the rpi.


  2. Hello,
    I cant achieve the part App setup. When selecting the Hue device (circular) the discovering device function doesnt find anything. I made sure my HA configuration was right by checking on port 80 if HA took correctly what I configured into account…
    I wonder if there was a change in the skill since January the 1st


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