WiiU Homebrew: Hack Your Nintendo WiiU and Install Games From Backup

WiiU Homebrew Hack

I’ve just ‘hacked’ my Nintendo WiiU and installed homebrew software to allow me to run backups of my games from an external hard drive. It is fantastic! A homebrew setup will also allow you to use emulators (for older Nintendo or other retro games), custom games, and mods. If you have a WiiU kicking around, this is a jailbreak project for your WiiU you need to take on today. No more need to switch disks and no more worrying about scratched disks for those prized games. This article will 1) walk you through setting up an SD card with all the necessary programs, running the WiiU exploit, installing the homebrew software and then downloading and installing backups of your games onto your WiiU. Like all my articles, I put this together because I found the information on how to do this scattered in a number of places on the internet and not in one convenient place. This article will be the one convenient place to walk you through all the steps to ‘hack your WiiU, get that homebrew software running and playing backups of games!

Maybe the WiiU isn’t considered retro yet, but feel free to browse my other retro gaming articles on this site.

An updated version of this article is posted on the NEW digiMoot website at:

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